Pump Shed Wines delivers hand crafted, low intervention wines produced from grapes grown in the Blackwood Valley Wine Region in Western Australia. Shiraz wines are produced from grapes grown on the property. Any other grape varieties used are from vineyards in the Blackwood Valley.

The grapes grown on the property are fertilised with certified organic fertilisers and canopy disease management is with certified organic sulphur and copper products.

The wines are clarified by membrane filtering and no fining agents containing animal products are used in the process.

Prices as at 1 January 2018
Quantity 2013 Shiraz 2015 Shiraz 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Bridgetown Bubbles
1 Bottle $15 $15 $18 $20
3 Bottle Pack $40 $40 $50 $50
6 Bottle Carton $70 $70 $90 $90
12 Bottle Carton $120 $120 $160

Delivery costs vary depending on quantity ordered and delivery location.
Delivery of carton quantities to the Perth Metropolitan Area is usually free subject to agreed delivery time.