The Vines

The Bridgetown Winery vineyard is in the Blackwood Valley Wine Region (latitude 35º58’39” S, longitude 116º03’55” E, altitude 132 m a.s.l.). It is located approximately 9 kilometres from the Bridgetown townsite with one frontage on the Blackwood River. The property is 14 acres with an irrigation dam on a winter stream.

The vineyard covers only 2 acres and consists of 25 rows varying in length from 60-120 metres with rows in a north-south orientation. The soil is generally deep red to brown loams overlying red clay loam or light clay. The vineyard has a gentle slope with a northerly aspect, although the northeast corner has a steeper slope.

The vine rows are spaced at 3 metres and the vines are 2 metres apart. The cordon wire is at 1.2 metres and the trellis structure is for vertical shoot positioning with 2 sets of movable wires on 2-metre-high pine log posts. Posts are generally 8 metres apart with 4 vines to each panel. The vineyard was originally planted in 2003 with 1,208 Vitis vinifera vines (Shiraz variety) on the hybrid rootstock of V. riparia crossed with V. rupestris (Schwarzmann).

In late 2015 120 vines were grafted across to Muscat a petitgrain (brown muscat). The first wine from these grapes was produced in 2017 but will not be released for some time. In late 2017 181 vines were grafted to Barbera and another 183 vines grafted to Tempranillo. They will produce the first vintage in 2019 with an expected release date of 2020/21. In late 2018 122 vines were grafted over to Durif and the first small vintage is expected in 2020.

In summary, 50% of the vineyard remains as Shiraz, 10% is Muscat a petitgrain, 15% is Barbara, 15% is Tempranillo and 10% is Durif.