Blackwood River Vineyard delivers hand crafted liqueur wines produced from grapes grown in the Blackwood Valley Wine Region in Western Australia. The wines are fortifies with 96% grape spirit with the alcohol content of the resultant wines being around 18%. The tawny and ruby fortified wines (port style wines) are produced from Shiraz grapes grown on the property. The white liqueur is produced from Semillon grapes grown in the Blackwood Valley Region.

A fortified Muscat wine has now been released. It has been produced from Brown Muscat grapes (Muscat a petit grains) grown on the property. The wine exhibits the classic Christmas cake aroma and flavours of this style of fortified wine.

Prices for dessert wines as at 1 January 2021
Quantity Ruby Tawny White Muscat
1 Bottle $25 $25 $25 $30
3 Bottle Pack $65 $65 $65 $85
6 Bottle Carton $120 $120 $120 $150

Delivery costs vary depending on quantity ordered and delivery location.
Delivery of carton quantities to the Perth Metropolitan Area is usually free subject to agreed delivery time.